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Carlo Ricci

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Tom Schlesinger is a writer-consultant for multi-national corporations like Disney’s Maker Studios, Shopify, the Red Bull Media House as well as for numerous independent production companies. He wrote the HBO documentary Prom Night in Mississippi with Morgan Freeman, wrote and co-executive produced The Last White Knight: Is Reconciliation Possible? featuring Harry Belafonte, and was story consultant on the Academy Award-winning film, Nowhere in Africa.

Tom is writing the feature film, Thief River, for Paul Saltzman’s Sunrise Films and Paul Clifford’s Powerplay Productions. He recently finished the feature film screenplay, Chappie and Me, for Paul Saltzman and Sunrise Films, with Morgan Freeman attached to star. And he is now developing the reboot to Paul Saltzman’s internationally successful TV series, Danger Bay.

With over 10,000 students internationally, Tom has taught storytelling workshops and trained industry professionals at Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm, Ltd, The American Film Institute, the Writers Guild of America and the Directors Guild of America.

With a Master of Fine Arts degree from UCLA, Tom has facilitated Human Potential seminars including: Art as Transformation at UCLA; Myths, Dreams and Movies at the Esalen Institute, the Saybrook Institute and The California Institute of Transpersonal Psychology: and Creative Flow: the Inner Reaches of Outer Space, at the Academy of Art in Munich and the Working Group in Toronto.

Tom is available for small group workshops, one-on-one consulting and key note speeches. For further information and questions, please contact us. Tom is booked out months in advance, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

The Storytelling Workshop at Disney’s Maker Studios


Do you ever set out to tell great stories and then hit a wall of confusion and frustration? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by what seems to be insurmountable story problems and feel like giving up?

I know how you feel. These stressful story development problems actually had a negative impact on my moods, relationships and earning a living as a writer and storyteller.

How did I change my life around so that now I enjoy storytelling and make a handsome living at it? By creating a step-by-step story development process based on the essential elements of all great stories from blogs to myths: The Nuts and Bolts of Storytelling video course.

This story development system has helped thousands storytellers break through creative blocks and win Academy Awards, sell their projects to HBO, and reach millions of people with their stories.

Caroline Link

Tom with Academy Award winning filmmaker Caroline Link
(photo by Jessica Hahner)

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