The Heroine’s Journey


Manifesting Your Creative Vision

Video Workshop with Tom Schlesinger

“Tom is a great teacher!”
Academy Award winning filmmaker, Caroline Link

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Do you feel dissatisfied with your creative output? Are your inner voices telling you that you’re not good enough? Do you experience fatigue and fogginess just when you need the energy and clarity to problem-solve?

If so, then you are ready to experience our transformative Heroine’s Journey video workshop – a quest to discover your authentic voice and express your truth in a supportive community.


How to tell compelling stories
How receiving is an act of creation
How creative power begins with an inner shift of self-perception
How to connect emotionally to your audience

Join now and you will also receive: The Storytellers Playbook, your guide through the Heroine’s Journey; the Introduction to the Heroine’s Journey video; and the Workshop Highlights document, capturing the highlights of the workshop.

“Schlesinger is the best – full-stop!”
Best-selling author, Daniel Speck

Tom Schlesinger has taught storytelling seminars at Pixar, Lucasfilm, the Esalen Institute, the Red Bull Media House, the American Film Institute, the Mill Valley Film Festival, the Writers Guild of America, the Director’s Guild of America, and the National Film Schools in Munich and Berlin. Tom was the story mentor on the Academy Award-winning Nowhere in Africa and the Academy Award nominee, Beyond Silence. He was the writer-consultant on the HBO documentary Prom Night in Mississippi, featuring Morgan Freeman.