Dramedy Workshop


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Think of your favorite films and TV series and chances are that list will be filled with dramatic comedies, commonly known as Dramedies. American Beauty, Amelie, Six Feet Under, Little Miss Sunshine, Orange is the New Black and The Full Monty are all moderately budgeted dramedies that reach a global audience on a deep, heartfelt level.

Would you like to know how to write and develop these memorable, award-winning dramedies with skill and precision?

In this online course for writers, producers, directors, actors, film lovers and story editors, you will learn the essential elements needed to create, write and develop these heartwarming stories that exude warmth, passion, and the depth of human experience. These key strategies can immediately be applied to your projects, which also include documentaries, web series, keynote presentations and novels.

In addition to lecture, film clips and interactive sessions, you will experience a series of transformative creativity exercises that will help you plum the depths of your personal experience to create these richly emotional and highly gratifying films.