The 23 Elements of Comedy


With never-seen-before processes, this video gives you the essential steps to writing a great comedy.

By Tom Schlesinger
Internationally acclaimed master storyteller and teacher

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Great comedy writing makes us laugh, makes us cry, and makes us care.

Join my comedy course and gather all the tools you need to tackle any problems that come up while writing, directing and producing comedies! These comedy tools are captured in the video course companion documents: 23 Thinks You Need to Know About Comedy and the Comedy Playbook.

Tom’s approach works particularly well since comedy writing is much more about strong dramatic structure and well-observed character than it is about being glib or clever.
– Michael Lehmann, Director, “The Truth About Cats and Dogs,” “The Larry Sanders Show,” “True Blood.”

Learn the 23 Things You Need to Know about Comedies and:
– The precise dramatic structure unique to comedy
– How to orchestrate your comic characters for optimal humor
– What makes your audience laugh from beginning to end

Tom’s comedy video course is based in part on personal interviews with Harold Ramis (GROUNDHOG DAY, GHOSTBUSTERS), James Brooks (BROADCAST NEWS, AS GOOD AS IT GETS), Jim Abrahams (AIRPLANE, NAKED GUN), and Buck Henry (THE GRADUATE, HEAVEN CAN WAIT).