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My purpose as a writer-consultant is to collaborate on screen stories that make a difference. I’ve just written two feature films that are transformational stories and now it’s time for a new adventure: co-producing them.

During this time, I’ll be booking story consultations again. Whether you’re working alone or as part of a creative team, the key to successful story development is to create a roadmap for your next draft, or the next edit of your film.

In our sessions you will:

  • Realize the power of clear, logical storylines with complex characters.
  • Forge your structure based on the order the audience learns and feels things.
  • Connect emotionally to your audience through primary relationship arcs.
  • Capture the creative blueprint of your project in your Storytellers Playbook.
  • Reveal exposition and back-story without slowing down dramatic momentum
  • Utilize the power of Dilemma as the Creative Core of your Story
  • Shape the Palette of Tones and the appropriate Point of View
  • Find the deeper story within your original concept and intentions.
  • Gain storytelling strategies to apply to all of your projects.

Feel free to reach out for a free 20 minute story consultation so I can learn about your projects at


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Video Courses

How “Midnight Cowboy” Changed My Life

My life changed in the summer of 1969 after seeing “Midnight Cowboy” at a downtown Chicago theater, compelling storytelling at it’s best. When I stepped outside the theater, I was in a lucid, bodily-felt altered state – an altered state that was triggered every time I...

1. Why the Best Comedies Make us Laugh

“Comedy is tragedy that happens to other people.” W. C. Fields We laugh when we witness comic characters being humiliated in a public or social situation. In this clip from “A Fish Called Wanda” we’ll see how this happens to Archie (John Cleese) while he’s doing a...

2. How Comedy is Different than Drama

Great comedies like “To Be or Not to Be” are based on a serious, sound dramatic structure. One difference between comedy and drama is that the audience, prepared to watch a comedy, never really believes that the characters will suffer irreparable physical damage. Do...

3. Why Do We Laugh in the Best Comedies?

We laugh when comic characters are knocked off their high horse, i.e., when their high status bubble of self-importance and entitlement is suddenly burst. Your comic character’s high status is based on an inflated sense of how they would like to be seen by their...

4. How to Create the Premise in the Best Comedies

The comic premise is an expression of your main character’s dilemma. Dilemma is the choice between two things that have positive values and is dramatically expressed through the conflict between what your main character desires (outer plot goal) and what they need to...

1. Why the Thriller Antagonist functions like a Protagonist

What is the Driving Engine of your thriller? The Driving Engine — what propels your story forward — in most dramas is based on the back-story wounds and desires of your main character. It’s very different in thrillers. The driving engine in thrillers is generated by...

Tom has a keen sense of the “big picture.” His insight allowed us to envision structure and effective character arcs in the early stages of development — important assets in creating a great screenplay.

Ashwin Rajan

Producer, Blinding Edge Pictures

Tom has the amazing ability to guide writers to a place of enhanced creativity.

Michael Lehmann

Director, True Blood, The Larry Sanders Show

Tom has a very unique approach to story and I’m extremely grateful to have had his guidance.

Jennifer Arnold

Writer-Director, A Small Act (2011 Emmy Nomination, Sundance Jury Prize nominee)

Attending Tom’s workshop was a creative turning point for me as a documentary filmmaker.

Nimisha Mukerji

Director-Producer, 65 Red Roses

I think I learned more about storytelling from Tom at the workshop than I learned in my last 10 years stumbling through my career.

Scott Gracheff

Director, The Rugby Player

Tom helped me focus on possibilities instead of limitations. His qualities as a guide cannot be valued enough, not to mention that he is a great guy, and tremendous fun to work with!

Reto Caffi

Writer-Director, On the Line (Academy Award Nominee, Best Short Film)

I would HIGHLY recommend Tom to anyone involved in visual storytelling.

Stephen Philipson

Editor, Hannibal, Prom Night in Mississippi

The first thing I did when I began writing was to pick up the phone and call Tom. I can’t think of a more insightful and inspiring “wing man”. He truly guides me to do my best work.

Daniel Stamm

Writer-Director, The Last Exorcist

Tom is a master in working with dichotomies: logic and emotion, brain and heart, body and soul… my characters came alive as we found the optimal structure for my script.

Gustav Deutsch

Writer-Director, Shirley: Visions of Reality

Collaborating with Tom has been absolutely essential for me and, aside from his sheer intellectual input, so much fun!

Doris Doerrie

Writer-Director, Nobody Loves Me, Enlightenment Guaranteed

Tom’s extraordinary guidance on my scripts for “Nowhere in Africa” and “Beyond Silence” enriched my award-winning films immensely.

Caroline Link

Writer-Director, Nowhere in Africa (Academy Award - Best Foreign Film)

Tom is the best: full stop!

Daniel Speck

Best-selling Author, Bella Germania

Tom’s wisdom, inspiration, and deep understanding of character and story continue to guide me on each screenwriting journey.

Pamela Gray

Screenwriter, Conviction, Music of the Heart, A Walk on the Moon

Working with Tom Schlesinger is worth its weight in gold!

Paul Saltzman

Filmmaker, Prom Night in Mississippi, featuring Morgan Freeman

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