My purpose as a writer-consultant is to collaborate on screen stories that make a difference. I’ve just written two feature films that are transformational stories and now it’s time for a new adventure: co-producing them.

During this time, I’ll be booking story consultations again. Whether you’re working alone or as part of a creative team, the key to successful story development is to create a roadmap for your next draft, or the next edit of your film.

In our sessions you will:

  • Realize the power of clear, logical storylines with complex characters.
  • Forge your structure based on the order the audience learns and feels things.
  • Connect emotionally to your audience through primary relationship arcs.
  • Capture the creative blueprint of your project in your Storytellers Playbook.
  • Reveal exposition and back-story without slowing down dramatic momentum
  • Utilize the power of Dilemma as the Creative Core of your Story
  • Shape the Palette of Tones and the appropriate Point of View
  • Find the deeper story within your original concept and intentions.
  • Gain storytelling strategies to apply to all of your projects.

Feel free to reach out for a free 20 minute story consultation so I can learn about your projects at



Jim Schlesinger’s background is in Strategic Planning and Organizational Development. He has served as an Executive for the AXA Group and has developed several successful franchises in the Midwest.

Jim is currently a Senior Managing Partner at The Business Strategies Group of Illinois and serves as a consultant and an executive coach for high level wealth management teams around the country.


With her focus in Training and Development, Linda Poznansky is responsible for creating strategic paths for personal and professional development. She brings analytical and critical thinking skills, the ability to influence and assemble individuals as well as groups and change management.