Find a Job in the Film Industry

Feb 9, 2018

There is a joke from your Great Grandparents’ generation that was told over and over again.  “While lost in NYC, a man holding a map, (this is a piece of paper with streets and highways on it) walked up to a stranger and said, “Excuse me, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?  The answer (wait for it…) “Practice, practice, practice.”

This still holds true today, however there are many avenues to find a job in the film industry.  It used to be, “it’s who you know” and to some extent that adage still remains.  Enlarging your network is important.  Attend film openings, alumni gatherings, go to a coffee shop near a major media company and strike up a conversation.  It’s probably not a good idea to shove your script or resume in somebody’s hands, but a nice back-and-forth conversation, with the focus on the person who you are talking with, is healthy for both of you.

Have your resume handy, but only present it if has been requested.  A great amount of people in the industry started just like you, with no experience. Accept a beginner job, and if you can afford to, accept an unpaid position just to get you close the people who can help you.  Many media companies have more work than they can handle and they continuously seek entry-level employees.

Don’t just wait for your big break.  Study your industry, study the players, be humble and be persistent.  Continue to watch our Student Storytellers Job Opportunities Board to take the first step from student to professional.

Linda Poznansky

Creative Director

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