The storytelling center for social impact is inside of you.

Change and transformation begins with an inner shift of self-perception and by asking:

What if you’re not who you think you are?

The emotional resonance between you, your characters and your audience is an ecosystem for transformation and change. Changing the way you see yourself is transmitted through your characters’ experiences to your audience.

That evolution begins when you realize that you may be more like a verb than a noun.

Entertain means “hold-between.” What if instead of defining yourself by your job, family, gender, favorite television series or what shoes you’re wearing, you see yourself based on what you hold between yourself and others?

When you start to see yourself differently than what philosopher Alan Watts described as “a separate ego wrapped in a bag of skin,” you’re taking the first step toward telling stories that change lives — by changing your life first.

You’re much more than who you see when you look in the mirror: you’re a constellation of relationships based on how you are listening, when you are enjoying, how you are loving, and when you are understanding with everyone you touch.

Instead of telling stories from a creative center of who you think you are, try telling stories from a creative center of what you send and receive from your heart.

This is the inner game of telling stories that matter.

Storytelling for Social Impact