The Future of Storytelling

The Future of Storytelling rests on your ability to time travel.

When you develop your stories, you are on a parallel emotional journey with the characters in your stories, the same journey the audience will experience. But how do you register this?

Being aware of your bodily felt experience while creating your stories allows you to communicate with your audience through your inner world of archetypal themes, or universal truths.

You resonate with your audience when your inner world of intuition, emotions, instincts resonates with the inner world of the characters in your story. The audience will be experiencing this parallel emotional journey in the future, so when you are in tune with these parallel emotional journeys –

— you step out of the time-space continuum, and you time-travel.

In this sense: you are also the audience.

Through the channel of archetypal feeling states, you shape-shift from storyteller to characters to audience and realize that —

The structure of your story is the order in which your audience learns and feels things.

Ask: what is your story about?

“What happens” is something else: what happens is a cause and effect chain-linked series of events driven by choice, action and response.

What your story is about is how you connect with your audience.

Stories come out of our bodies, our bones, our cells and our DNA. It is our job to allow that to happen, and become the vessel for the story to be told. Native American wisdom suggests that the stars in the sky are each stories and they choose us to tell them.

What story are you being asked to tell?