Passion Project


Do you want to write your next project but haven’t gotten around to it? Or did you get started, and then put it down?

I know how to jumpstart you into writing your next story this summer with skill, confidence and style. I’ll be your story mentor, and I’ve got a 100% success rate supporting fiction and non-fiction writers to get their stories onto the page!

How do we work together? I design a 3-Phase Story Development Program unique to your needs:
— In Phase 1, we’ll be gathering and organizing the source material;
— In Phase 2, we’ll do a first draft story outline by defining the archetypal structure, character orchestration and themes;
— In Phase 3, we’ll finalize the story outline that will keep you inspired and on track to bring your next project to fruition.

Your commitment? We will work one-on-one and I will guide you through eight 60-minute sessions.  Between sessions, I will be shaping and developing your source material — — so you can finally spring into summer writing your next project.

As always, consultations on screenplays and novels available by separate agreement.