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Tom Schlesinger

With over 10,000 students internationally, Tom Schlesinger has taught storytelling workshops and trained industry professionals at Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm Ltd., the Banff Centre, the American Film Institute, the Writers Guild of America, the Directors Guild of America and numerous international film schools.

Tom works with major brands like Red Bull, Shopify and Disney’s Maker Studios. He wrote the documentary “Prom Night in Mississippi” with Morgan Freeman and was story consultant on the Academy award-winning “Nowhere in Africa.”

Tom is available for small group workshops, one-on-one consulting and key note speeches. For further information and questions, please contact us. Although our schedule is a bit hectic at times, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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We train storytellers and story mentors through online webinars, live events, team mentoring, keynotes, one-on-one mentoring and ongoing advising. Our writers-room style workshops create an empowering communal experience that builds deeper, sustainable relationships with your creative teams, while expanding and sustaining your audience.

What the Best Female Protagonists Teach us About Life

While co-teaching “The Heroine’s Journey: Writing and Selling the Female-driven Screenplay” with Pamela Gray — who wrote the scripts for “A Walk on the Moon” with Diane Lane, “Music of the Heart” with Meryl Streep and “Conviction” with Hilary Swank — we realized that...

How Storytellers Tell the Most Heartwarming Stories

En route to Sundance, I was thinking about last year’s favorite, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, and how storytellers tell the most heartwarming stories like Little Miss Sunshine, Juno, Billy Elliot, Six Feet Under, and Sense and Sensibility.  What do all of these...

24 Things to Know About Thrillers

Here are 24 things to know about crafting thrillers: 1) Thriller is a combination of crime and horror stories where a detective or an average person acting like detective is victimized and in great danger. (Note: see John Truby on thriller). 2) The stakes for the main...

What You Need to Know About Human Comedies (or dramedies)

These are the essential elements of human comedies, or “dramedies”: These family dramas with comic overtones tend to be “feel good” movies that also have depth and meaning. The comedy tends to be less overt as the humor comes from a deep empathy for characters in...

Documentary Storytelling Essentials

These are the essential elements of documentary storytelling: Engage the audience with a present time story before revealing the back-story. The present time story engages the audience through the beginning, middle and end of the film. Define the Palette of Tones: How...

Why You Need to Know How Stories Function

“You can’t always get what you want…” Mick Jagger sings, and then unlocks the door to how stories function  with, “but if you try sometime, you just might find, well you get what you need.” A key way that stories function is based on the dramatic tension between what...

Tom’s extraordinary guidance on my scripts for “Nowhere in Africa” and “Beyond Silence” enriched my award-winning films immensely.

Caroline Link

Writer-Director, Nowhere in Africa (Academy Award - Best Foreign Film)

Working with Tom Schlesinger is worth its weight in gold!

Paul Saltzman

Director-Producer, Prom Night in Mississippi

Tom’s wisdom, inspiration, and deep understanding of character and story continue to guide me on each screenwriting journey.

Pamela Gray

Screenwriter, Conviction, Music of the Heart, A Walk on the Moon

Tom has the amazing ability to guide writers to a place of enhanced creativity.

Michael Lehmann

Director, True Blood, The Truth About Cats and Dogs